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Forty Funny Twitterers

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Forty Funny Twitterers

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Don’t worry

“Don’t worry what other people think, they don’t do it very often”

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Charles Arthur:

There’s worse: Novatech is hoping to aim the Windows version at “educational customers” — in other words, teachers and children (and particularly the people who buy kit for them to use). To which all I can say is: NOOOOO! Unless, of course, you want to persuade children that computers are frustrating as well as boring, in which case go right ahead.

Charles Arthur Reviews the Novatech nTablet Windows 7 Tablet

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Cozy Garden Sofa

Cozy Garden Sofa to enjoy a beautiful day


Nerd Doormat

Design-Fussmatte „You rang the bell“-10302

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Tie Tea Cup

Tie Tea Cup

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re-used fork

DIY Egg Cup is cool